Marquette Mountain – where you’ll find 170 skiable acres of the Upper Peninsula’s finest snow just 5 minutes from lively downtown Marquette.

13 hours ago

Marquette Mountain

Thanks friends. ... See MoreSee Less

Thanks friends.

21 hours ago

Marquette Mountain

Hello everyone, sorry to say the Mountain Shop is closed today only due to heater installation. Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! ... See MoreSee Less

2 days ago

Marquette Mountain

Well winter seems to have arrived. And for some of you, seeing snow on the mountain has got you all rip roaring ready to go. Those 20 new snow guns just sitting there in the parking lot are making you crazy because you want to see them running. So do we. It’s been a long six months getting ready and we’re close. The triple lift, Snowfield, has needed an unusual amount of work but it’s done now and ready to go. Rocket should be ready this week. Supreme will take a little longer but we have time. The water system also needed an unusual amount of repair after operations last year. We thought we could push water into the system last week but we had an overnight visit from someone unfriendly who caused some damage to the river pump house. Don’t worry, we work fast and the repairs should be complete tomorrow. We still have work being done on the mountain to get the new lights installed and that affects our access to power. Those guns won’t run on wishful thinking so once we have access to power and water pressure those new Polecats will be running. Our plan is to cover and open Snowfield first. Weather will have a lot to do with that. Once we start making snow we’ll need to move it and groom it out. We’re prepping the two groomers we have now for that. On Tuesday the brand new Prinoth Bison groomer should arrive. With any luck by the end of this week we’ll be making and pushing snow. In the mean time there’s a lot going on at the Carp River Saloon and in the Chalet and the new Mountain Shop is open for you to get your Season Passes. Stop by for a burger and a beer and watch us work. Soon friends, soon. 🙂 ... See MoreSee Less


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Keep working 💪🏾💯 It will work out

You guys are doing a great job, place needed ton of work

Did all the maintenance get done on all the lifts so nobody gets stuck on them like last summer during bike fest?

They were stuck up there for over four hours

See you guys in a few days!!

You guys are throwong down like I've never seen.

Can’t wait!

And everybody will be there—-with Snow🍻🎼

Stop by Monday through Friday 8-5 for passes because the only thing that’s open on the weekend is the bar unlike the email that all pass holders received. It said stop by anytime, which was a bit misleading after an hour drive one way to get there. The gals at the bar had 14 such requests yesterday and no one was around for passes as suggested.

Are you guys taking applications for help inside the lodge!?

Keep up the great work!

Fingers crossed.

Hello Frank, I just heard through the grape vine that pass holders will still have to stand in a line to pick up a daily lift ticket?


Great info! Making snow isn’t as simple as it looks, especially when so much has to be done before you can. You all are doing a great job.

All you guys really need to do is in this song. You and the staff just keep going!

How much for a family season pass?

Welcome to Marquette mountain...

So it's cold enough when are you going to make snow? This summer you made it sound like you were going to open before Thanksgiving.

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4 days ago

Marquette Mountain

Not yet...but it’s a start ... See MoreSee Less

Not yet...but it’s a start


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Why aren’t you making snow?

Can we come and get season passes anytime?

Get those guns going!

High tech camera's

Cory, close but no cigar!

Guns running all day at Ripley.

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1 week ago

Marquette Mountain

We're ready! Are you? ... See MoreSee Less

Were ready! Are you?


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Thanks, Kristian Saile, for the photo!

You aren’t ready ..... 🤷🏾‍♂️💯

Are they firing up on Thursday?


I will be judging the quality of snow 💯

I'm definitely ready!


What company do these snow guns come from?

Liam Van Der Bosch

Whoa... ready by Nov 25👍👍👍👍👍

I sure hope they have enough head pressure to run more then one of these at a time, hehe.

Cool picture. Looks like space equipment on another planet

fire em up!!! we are ready!!!

Awesome image!

Make it happen by Saturday 😎 Would much rather stay in MQT this whole weekend instead of driving down to Brule 👍

Let us volunteer our time to do some prep on the terrain park features, then you'll be ready. Like we said, we'll do the dirty work.

all guns on my command...... forward march.......3-2-1 BLOW!!!😂

K, hoping to get some skis on my feet tomorrow at Eldora and then on to Breck. I'll be racer ready. . .for an old broad! 🙂 Can't wait to start the season with YOU!

Are the guns going?!? Brule is opening this Sunday!

Ready to blow some Snow. .

Let's get them on the mountain , you can't learn how to use them in the parking lot Lots of people looking forward to skiing

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