Mount Bohemia in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula has the longest runs with the highest vertical and deepest powder in the Midwest.

2 days ago

Mount Bohemia

Night skiing this Saturday night (feb 23 ) till 8pm ... See MoreSee Less

Night skiing this Saturday night (feb 23 ) till 8pm


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Eric Stallcup Kevin McKay

Bruce Anderson 🤔

Robert Curiston

Bridget Engelsma Darci VanderBoon Nicholas Engelsma Jaco Engelsma

Daren Giuchin

Chris Bonter Zach Bonter Chase Francis Luke Posthumus

Scott Eric Boggess

Night skiing there is so amazing....the shadows from the trees are ghoastly....

Zach Baross Luke Strasser Kristie Lyn

Joshua Rindahl


I’m in!

Saturday the 30th hopefully too

Bruce Anderson 🤔

Josh Zarling Derek Larson Rachel Loritz Janelle Lauren Krebsbach

I just want to see the snow bunnies lol

Excellent! I'll be there.

Beautiful !! that would be fun👍

There goes the neighborhood 🤣😜👍

Maybe the lifts will run faster at night then in the day

Eric. Liz-Hunter Querin is Ruth's cousin.

Gods Country, wish I knew about this 30 years ago



Where is Mount Bohemia?

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5 days ago

Mount Bohemia

7+ inches fell across the mountain today with wind-blown aspects having close to a foot of snow. Lifts were open to 6:30 with the lights turned on. Plenty of soft lines out there!!! ... See MoreSee Less

7+ inches fell across the mountain today with wind-blown aspects having close to a foot of snow. Lifts were open to 6:30 with the lights turned on. Plenty of soft lines out there!!!


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Jake Kelm one winter we are going somewhere like this

We arrive Thursday morning 😁 Keep shaking the snow globe! ❄️

Bring me back!

Never would have believed a ski hill would be created here!!!! Beautiful!!!!

Nothing like night skiing at BoHo

Upper Peninsula of Michigan at it's finest.

Bobbie Schmitt if we ever get out again we should plan a weekend at bohemia

Patrick Denver we need to plan a trip. Get the gang together

Beautiful 💕

That is a awsome place to go !!

Wow!! It sure is beautiful!

Absolutely beautiful

great photo

It's so beautiful!!


Beautiful 😍❣️❤️😍❣️

Beautiful Lonnie and hello from the south!

Great Picture!


This is beautiful Sam

Beautiful!! 🥰

What a pretty ski hill.

Very beautiful scene

Beautiful ♥️♥️♥️


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1 week ago

Mount Bohemia

We are opening a yurt hostel for this Friday night only . Call Thursday to reserve 906 289 4105 . ... See MoreSee Less

We are opening a yurt hostel for this Friday night only . Call Thursday to reserve 906 289 4105 .


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Is that an actual girl In the hot tub or just a drunk dude in a bikini top?

The moment she realized what it was like being the most popular girl in high school.

Nice sausage boil

Benjamin Lucas Croix Kimmel Caroline Miller dude soup...

Dude soup

Going old school

Chance Hoover Blake Talaski Jeremy Sutton it’s about to get wild

I hope you all drain that thing weekly

Sausage fest

Opening an over flow yurt, good idea. Open lifts, even better.

Kid friendly?

Brohemia at its finest.

What about for mardi gras?

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1 week ago

Mount Bohemia

Dreamy Bluebird Powder Day! 12" or more of Pure Michigan snow has fallen since 2pm yesterday. Deep lines everywhere! ... See MoreSee Less

Dreamy Bluebird Powder Day! 12 or more of Pure Michigan snow has fallen since 2pm yesterday. Deep lines everywhere!Image attachment


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Liam McBride leggo

Is it Saturday yet?! Alice, Hannah, Dan, Jacob, Elizabeth

Kash O'Brien Zachary Smith

Blue bird means no clouds


Hanna Miranda McBride

Its been snowing like an SOB pretty much since we left. Bummer. Hope it keeps till we come back

I am totally here for this. Today was an amazing day!

Epic Day yesterday. Thanks MB. I love you.

Chris Matthews Michael Griffin Ben Matthews

Hey Dan Kust, don't we have a picture of you doing this somewhere??

Scott Budziszek

Travis Dick

Jay Rider

We picked the wrong day to leave.

Jack Anderson Austin Trudell

I believe we got at least 10 in Saginaw

Game on!

Have "FUN" & Stay Safe!!

Brandon Clare Tyler Cuthbert. 🤷🏼‍♂️


Casey Jovani sure you don’t want to move back to WI?


Greg G'uba 😩

That is the Cliff Robbie jumped off and landed in the trees. Nice to have young legs and little fear.

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1 week ago

Mount Bohemia

Ok in response to yurts being full on weekends we are looking at building a food service / bar / warming hut on the top of claim jumper for next season , the view would be similar to this . Would you use it ? ... See MoreSee Less

Ok in response to yurts being full on weekends we are looking at building a food service / bar / warming hut on the top of claim jumper for next season , the view would be similar to this . Would you use it ?


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I've read through every comment so far and basically they boil down to 3 camps. Listed in no particular order: 1. Leave the mountain top alone. 2. Yes, build a day lodge at the top. 3. Upgrade the lifts. The issue Loni and Mt. Bohemia are grappling with is a rapidly growing customer base that at times is overwhelming the infrastructure currently in place, yet remain committed to providing a quality skiing experience at a reasonable cost. My thoughts. Upgrading either one or both existing lifts would have to three unintended consequences, all in my opinion are bad. One, the entire mountain would be tracked out in a sorter period of time. Two, the designated runs would become mogul fields, which would be unskiable if/when they become icy. Three, more injuries as skiers make more runs which results in more fatigue and leads to more injuries. With regard to the mountain top day lodge, I think this will help alleviate over crowding at the base, and if the right design is selected, it wouldn't detract from the summit at all, it could even accent it. The addition of a back side lift MAY have merrit, I'm on the fence on this one. Another option may be introduction of a two or three tier ticket, one for week days only, another valid any day, and perhaps one for weekends only, all priced to help regulate the number of people there any given day.

I would like to rent/ride elephants like Hannibal going thru the Alps

Lonie Glieberman: as a couple others have mentioned - leave the summit as natural as possible. I do realize the lift towers and unload stations mean that the top isn't entirely in its natural state, but don't build anything else there. There's plenty of room at the base to build out a larger food service/bar area. I frequent the Copper Harbor area in the warmer months as well and have always appreciated the relatively natural look of Bohemia's summit from the beach at Bete Grise or from my parents' boat while on Superior. Also, as another had brought up - the construction and operation of a food service/bar building up top would be far from the most environmentally sustainable option. How much larger would Bohemia's carbon footprint grow due to having to construct the building hundreds of vertical feet above the nearest road, having to ferry supplies to the building on a daily basis, etc.? All of the goals you're seeking to accomplish by building a summit food service/bar building could easily be accomplished by constructing the same building at the base. I realize Bohemia sets its own course and doesn't necessarily follow other industry trends, but I feel like the one aspect in which ALL ski resorts need to band together is in making operations as sustainable and environmentally friendly as possible. Climate change threatens winter at mid latitudes more than any other season. Don't be a part of the problem, be a part of the solution. Organizations like Protect Our Winters are stressing this.

How About Another chair And less publicity Sorry Just saying

I love how all these ski area management experts think upgrading the lifts is as easy as installing a new ceiling fan...

Word has it, I'm working the top... SPAM bloodys, Schlitz on tap, and a canasta table with Just The Beebs piped in quadrophenicly...

The current ski business, which accounts for about two-thirds of Doppelmayr's sales worldwide, is split between high-speed and fixed-grip chairlifts. The former can cost $10 million installed while the latter starts around $1.5 million. Doppelmayr also has a healthy service and parts business, as about 60 percent of about 3,500 chairlifts in North America are one of the company's many brands. See...the issue is, all the things a lot of you seem to loathe are the very things that will actually afford Bohemia the chance to upgrade a chairlift. These things are complex machines, and even small/modest ones are north of a million. You can't have your hidden honey hole a secret forever and also have a new lift just land on the mountain out of thin air. Well, it can land out of thin air...but that's another $10k an hour for the helicopter to set the lift towers. I could go on....

There is already a new building not being used for chilling. Lonie seriously, hit me up and I will run your armband season pass production cheaper than all the labor your spending checking off names in binders, get that line out of the way, and clear the new bar and lounge for actual use. People want to call the critics haters, but its really that there is undeniable mad love for the hill. Love transcends.. Humbly and honestly.

No. Build a yurt at the bottom of the east lift by Grumpy Bear if you must. Or invest in maintaining and repairing existing lifts and structures. Don’t build on the mountain itself.

Not saying I wouldn’t use it but I’d use a lift on the back side a hell of a lot more. I think the other 9k season pass holders would too.

I personally don't like this idea. We make the 12 hour drive here every year to ride the epic snow and get away from the crowds and lift lines of lower peninsula resorts. The vibe at the mountain has already changed so dramatically in the 6 years I have been coming up that the allure is fading quickly. We rode the mountain on Saturday the 9th and I was appalled at the crowd we had to fight to get the few runs we did. I am happy for the owners/employees that they built such a profitable business but we come up there for the solitude and rustic nature of the Keweenaw. Edit: We still found a lot of good snow and had a great time. I just selfishly want this place to go back in time a few years.

If you cant clone another Rick. I probably wouldn't use it.

How about a three seater that can actually hold three people

Hell yeah Lonie Glieberman! Don’t listen to the haters this is a badass idea and will give the mountain an even more out west feel than it already has! Bohemia is the best!

The best way to improve congestion at the bottom ie: long lift lines and packed yurts, is to add another lift out back in the valley. This would keep traffic on the main face down and allow ppl to really experience the back of the hill. The lift could go al the way down the valley way past the current taxi trail which we’re currently forced to take back around to the main lift/ yurt area

Maybe it would bring in more "BoHoHoes"

Bars are packed during the day on weekends, because the lift lines are packed. Upgrade the 3 man with quad, one that will actually hold 4 and deal better with winds, and move the 3 to the back side opening up more of the hill. #upgradelifts

This place did $1,000,000 in season pass sales for this season. It’s time to build a new lift. Allowing ppl to stay back deep in the valley. This would certainly keep down main lodge traffic as we currently have to ride past the main lodge after every valley run making us more likely to stop in for a rest.

Sad to hear that a beautiful piece of land is going to have a building smack dab on top of it. This will definitely take away from how special Bohemia and the Keweenaw are. The surrounding area should continue to benefit from the hill doing good. Personally I wouldn't stay at any of Bohemias lodging, it's horrible. But im also not your typical Boho Bro.

Don't change the skyline. We like looking up and seeing nothing but the chairlift. Build where it's easier to get to. Getting supplies up there on the chairlift sounds like a project and the chairlift is already taxed enough as is. KISS!

Personally i’ve always thought it would be awesome to have a little chill spot up top! Not a huge structure to distract from the mountain but more over just a cool spot to swing in for a brew and a quick bite, then rip through the trees. I’m all in on this idea!

I love the seeing the continual Bohemia success and the upgrades that come with it. That being said, I would rather see more yurt space at the North Pole Bar/eating area or a concession yurt go in beside the further chairlift. Not so stoked on development at the top of the mountain

As cool as it sounds. I know folks who work there and y’all should seriously consider updating the lifts first.

Great idea! To the haters, change is inevitable!

That money could be better spent on fixing the lift problems. More lodging will just mean more unhappy people when they are down. And I am trying to be positive about it. I want to see Bohemia succeed but just jamming more people there is not the way to do it

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