Norway Mountain is a resort located in Michigan’s beautiful Upper Peninsula. Included are a ski hill, restaurant, bar, disc golf course, downhill , mud drag course & so much more!

9 months ago

Norway Mountain

The new owner has decided to wait another season to reopen the hill. Happy holidays everyone. ... See MoreSee Less


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Hopefully he will decide to open by next season. Thats the plan.

Sorry everyone.

Looks like it's still for sale. Listing updated Feb 2019.

Disappointed.......been waitin and waitin for this place to reopen! 😞 Am local and my whole family loves Norway more than any other we’ve been too! It’s always Brule for us which is an hr or more away 😕 We need this here! Hope all goes well and we see you next season 🤞🤞🤞

So bummed, but looking forward to next year.

Tony Degenaer

I hope to see it up and running next season. It's a nice hill. It would also certainly help the value of my land at the bottom of the hill ! Wish you well on your endeavors !

Greg, Kevin, Dustin...😂😂😆

And loose lift certification? You should pick a powder day this year a spin those chairs!

Will be there when you open!

Brian Fabry

Wow! It's 45 years ago that I built the lodge up there. Many memories, but remember a New Years Eve monitoring the snowmaking pump down at the stream, and then later that night, helping Mike Marowski as he was wiring safety sensors on the lift towers, working without gloves at 20 below or so. Some of those memories are better than others.

Sorry to hear the delay but still great news for next year.


Mike Huguet

Josh Barron 😓

It will be great to have Norway Mountain open again! Everyone should understand that’s a pretty tough business to run, so it’s a blessing someone was up for the challenge and bought it. It’s always a plus when someone takes a risk to invest in the community. I guess we all will have to patiently wait until next year.

Brooke Lee

What.. . No 😟

Can't have a happy holiday if you're closed.

Was just asking about this and was told new owner backed out.Glad to see it clarified


Thanks for the update. Missing Norway Mountain. Especially missing my wine loving friend. Maybe we'll see you this spring.

Who is the new owner?

Who’s the new owner

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2 years ago

Norway Mountain

Norway Mountain has been sold and will reopen Next Season ... See MoreSee Less


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Neill and Kris of Norway mtn sold to another company that is hoping to sell to reopen soon. Updates will be made in about a month for this years ski season.

That sucks! Liked it there and close to home. Very friendly people.😞⛷

Any updates on this? I was just up in the area today and the resort has everything posted “No Trespassing” and it looks abandoned. I know it’s summer, but I guess I was expecting (hoping) for some redevelopment or indications of reopening?

Next season or THIS season?

Any idea if the hill will be open for the 2018/2019 season?

My heart goes out to Noel and Kris. They were kind and caring people who had two rough years weather wise. None of us can control the seasons. Thank you for giving it your all. We pray that life is kind to you from here on in.

Hope to see that place do well in the future..

Any word on this Season? Update?

Only the best to you and your family. Sad to see you gone. We loved to visit with you. Only good should come from this.

If the community doesn't support the new owners, the same thing will happen. You can not operate at a loss.

New owners making a offroad track for a frozen rush race? That'd be awesome to see up here.

Great news! I can't see what the new owners will do!

I'm guessing this page will remain the official one for the mountain? Just want to be sure I'm following the right one for next season.

Are you guys gonna be open this season?

Andrew Thomas Matt Granquist

The new owners should open this year. It's amazing how quickly people will 'forget' about a business and go elsewhere. I wish Kris and Neil only the best.

Who are the new owners.

That's too bad. 😭 My husband and I really enjoyed going there. It was only an hour drive, Neil & Kris are nice friendly people and we loved the food. We were just getting antsy for some snow so we could head up for a visit.

Penny Handlin

Drew looks like we might be able to work there again

Michael Miron

Niel & Kris

There is a lot of prep work to reopen the hill,should start asap


Told you David

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2 years ago

Norway Mountain

Happy Fathers Day! ... See MoreSee Less


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HAPPY Fathers Day Neil!!!

You the best dad !!

Happy father's day to you!

2 years ago

Norway Mountain

Happy Memorial Day and Thank you to all of you who have served! ... See MoreSee Less

2 years ago

Norway Mountain

Some great views with the stormy looking skies today. ... See MoreSee Less

Some great views with the stormy looking skies today.
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