Mackinac Island was voted one of the top ten Islands in the world by Conde Nast Traveler and one of the top ten sustainable Islands in the world by National Geographic.

6 days ago

Mackinac Island Tourism Bureau

Horses on a ferry boat ❤️ ⛴You never know who or what you’ll see on the Ferry to Mackinac Island. 😂 🐴 💙 🛳 ... See MoreSee Less

Horses on a ferry boat ❤️ ⛴


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Kathy Brandt

Griselle Rivera Ortega

Deral Ellerbee

They have important places to go too. 🙂

Cya next year...

Ila Schmiedeknecht Muller

Do they all head to the mainland?

You do what you gotta do!!!!

Richard Spiess

That’s so ausome

somebody has some cleaning up to do... 💩

Thank you for your service, Equine kind. Enjoy your off time..Although I kind of hope you do some work over the winter..Makes your day more interesting!

Jan Berry Melissa Johnson Jimmy Johnson

Till next year

Winter on the mainland

That's different.

OVERLY>>>> LOVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Seasons over. Back to the mainland.

Time for them to go rest for a while...they did their job and very well...

I have been on more Mac ferries than I can count. Wish I shared it with a beautiful animal like a horse at least once!

Bless their hearts 💕

I shared the ferry with John Goodman and his wife !!!!

One fall trip to the island, Nancy and I saw the entire lower section of a large ferry boat being loaded with horses going to the mainland for the winter. Several guys with lead ropes brought four horses each to the dock. We watched as each horse individually was taken down a ramp onto the boat. Nancy’s camera was clicking away as she captured this event which even I had never seen before! I don’t recall the number of horses on the island during peak season but it could be two or three hundred? Let’s say there are a lot including the ones brought over by summer residents for their own useage. No place like this island I am awear of!

See you in Pickford and enjoy your rest!

Love it!!!

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It's never too early to start planning for next year! Here's a little preview of some annual island events scheduled for 2019: ... See MoreSee Less

Its never too early to start planning for next year! Heres a little preview of some annual island events scheduled for 2019:


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No 8 mile race in 2019?

Krista Witt Maline

Airlie Drozdowski 😍😍

We want to come to the island for trick or treat and see the fall foliage

Is there no 8 Mile Road Race next year?

Is the closing of the Grand the same weekend as trick or treat?

See you next year

Booked our stay for next year yesterday. 🙂

Looking forward to the Grand Parade!

Chad Hatzenbuhler

I like.the stone skipping contest.

Lindsey Pahs future fun!

Carol Johnson Gentry, Marianne Johnson

If you book might get your favorite hotel and room.

Michæl Wayne Totty- somethings missing.... lol 👰🏻🤵🏼

Elaine which one do you want to go to?

I would love to have one of these cards.

Andrew Biff Schultz next yr pls

Tami Piljuga-Gillette pick a weekend.

Date of the 8 mile race?

See you in June!

I want to go back

Scott Ellis

I love the Island and your website. Just a bit disappointed you included several conferences that are not necessarily of the entire island..

Richard Spiess Kathy Gloriana Spiess

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All was quiet on Main Street this unbelievably gorgeous afternoon. 🎃🍂🙌🏽

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Looks like a ghost town 👻🍁🍂🎃🙀🙀👹

Makes me sad to see it like that

I wanna work there

We were there last week and it was so rainy it looks like beautiful blue skies there today. Cool place to visit for sure 😊

Such a beautiful place...

We have been there many yrs in October.....early in the month, mid-month, and even as late as the 3rd week. We love Oct. It feels more like you are a part of the Island. It feels great.

Sad day

Doesn’t seem like Mackinac without the clip clop of the horses. 🤔

Already miss you!

It`s amazing, just 4 months ago it was packed with people.

I bet the locals love this time of year ❤️

We were there yesterday. Enjoyed the colors and walk to Fort Holmes. Only 2 restaurants and Dowds open. So, of course, we had lunch at the Mustang.

Sad to see everybody gone (people, horses, flowers) and beautiful blue skies, but, winter is coming soon. See you all in June!!!!

I love it there . Brings you back in time .

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It’s been the most spectacular Halloween ever here on Mackinac. What a beautiful day to wrap up the end of our busy travel season. 🍂🎃👻

#MyMackinac #PureMichigan
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It’s been the most spectacular Halloween ever here on Mackinac. What a beautiful day to wrap up the end of our busy travel season. 🍂🎃👻

#MyMackinac #PureMichigan


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See you again next year!

Happy Halloween


I'm so happy for the kids trick or treating tonight! They had such an awful day on Saturday for the festivities downtown, but maybe tonight's beautiful weather will make up for it.

Definitely a beautiful day

Happy Halloween

We'll be there next year, happy halloween


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