Visit the Midwest’s newest ski lodge at the mountain with the best terrain – Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort!

We are pleased to share with you our updated logo! Stay tuned for more updates - it's going to be a great season! ... See MoreSee Less

We are pleased to share with you our updated logo! Stay tuned for more updates - its going to be a great season!


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Can you keep the bar open past 5?

Love the new logo design. Now if we could also update your website........

Very nice and considering West lift tickets are 150 to 170 per day you have a great hill for a great price!

New logo = higher priced lift tickets?

REAL NICE!....I was there for the last one..

Can't wait to shred some corduroy....

Will middle schoolers be able to use their school id to ski this year? I thought that was how it was before but am still not 100% how the program works

I like it! Will you have a new pin as well?

Love it and hope you all have lots of snow

Love it, wishing for early snow

Reminds me of the old logo

Let it bring lots of snow!!

Awesome job! Looks great!

I like it.


I like it

... very nice

Looks Great!!

Looks good!


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3 days ago

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

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Not sure what to make of it. Red swoosh a snowboard? I get the mountain. What does the red circle on right stand for?

It's a powder horn


Anyone recognize this guy? #throwbackthursday #bigpowderhornmountain ... See MoreSee Less

Anyone recognize this guy? #throwbackthursday #bigpowderhornmountain


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I knew him when!! Lol. Great guy!

Me at Powderhorn in the 80s

Is this Bruce???

Miss that lodge!

Love to ski and stay in Snowflake our favorite house!!!!

Bruce Noren?

Look at the lodge!!!

No one can mistake that legendary mustache.

I think I took that pic. LOL

I’m gonna miss it there this season 😢

Check out the old lodge!


Looks like Bruce to me.

Miss that lodge....

My nephew Bruce

Robert Redford Lol!

Totally Bruce

That's Bruce Noren

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3 weeks ago

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

Coming up this Saturday at COPPER PEAK! More info here: Copper Peak Trails Fest 2018

SISU Dirt Crew
Copper Peak Trails Fest is almost here! Have you registered yet??
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SISU Dirt Crew


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AJ Alyssa

Andrew Trocki

2 months ago

Big Powderhorn Mountain Resort

The SISU Endurance Team is back at it again! The weather's a little cooler this time, but that's not stopping these tough kids. ... See MoreSee Less


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We are two roads over and wondering can we come ride there whenever ? My kids rode up there tonight and said there were lots of people there, are there set times or anything?

We enjoyed bringing our kids there last week to try out the new BPM trails!

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