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Indianhead Mountain Snow Report – 04/13

Good Morning from Big Snow Resort!

Indianhead Mountain has a total of 19 runs and 3 lifts open today. The open lifts are the Chippewa Double, Winnebago Double and the Magic Carpet.

There is still a 30-70” base on the hill with soft granular snow to hard pack. We do not have a terrain park open but many great runs for riding!

There is no night skiing this weekend. We are open until 5pm today & Sunday!

Live Music with Corey Carlson, SKY BAR, Indianhead Mountain, 3:30pm!

The snowmobile races are at Blackjack today and tomorrow 9am-4pm, with Logger’s Lounge open for food & drinks!

Come out and enjoy the last spring snow!


New Snow: 4 inches

Base: 24

Lifts: 3 of 9

Runs: 19 of 30


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Friday May 1st, 2020 - 11:58 am

Indianhead Mountain - Big Snow Resort

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Megan Mueller

Wednesday March 25th, 2020 - 11:49 am

Indianhead Mountain - Big Snow Resort

Big Snow Resort refund policy

Any unused ticket can be exchanged for one snow check that is good for one lift ticket through March 31, 2021. Please contact 1-800-346-3426 ext. 3 and leave a message. Our staff will be returning calls as quickly as possible. Exchanges will only be allowed until March 31, 2021. Snow checks are not valid December 26, 2020 through January 3, 2021.
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This is very professional of you to do this!

Mary Rigoni

Monday March 16th, 2020 - 4:57 pm

Indianhead Mountain - Big Snow Resort

UPDATE: Big Snow Resort – Home of Indianhead and Blackjack Mountains will continue to remain open with nearly 100% runs open. Our lodging will continue to be available as needed. Not only do we have fantastic skiing conditions, we have miles of snowshoeing, hiking and waterfalls. We will be following the guidelines and our bar and restaurants will be open and serving carry out and delivery to our lodging guests. Our shuttle, bus, pools, health and racquet will be discontinued until March 31. Pass-holders with a valid pass can go directly to the lift as usual.

With over 1200 total acres and over 410 skiable acres. We have plenty of room to practice your social distancing. We will continue sharing the gift of the outdoors in the safest manner we can. As we all have encountered over the past few weeks the events change quickly and frequently. Please stay tuned for additional information as it becomes available.
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What about tickets already purchased online?

I commend them for staying open! Everyone is entitled to make their own decisions! Skiing is not a close contact sport. It has much social distancing! I have more social distancing by skiing than the people that run to the store to hoard supplies. If you want to social distance, stay in your house and don’t go to the grocery store when you need food! If you go out, that is irresponsible! Well the body and minds need fresh air as well as food. Only problem is that when this is all over, (and who knows when it will be over), you will have the same problem, in another year or two or three. There have been new viruses every few years for the last 20 years! Viruses evolve because they adapt to our medicines also. That’s why there are super bugs.

This is incredibly irresponsible. I understand closing would be bad for business, and no one wants your operations to suffer, but we are in a global pandemic. The government has been very clear that gatherings should not exceed TEN PEOPLE. You are encouraging folks from all over the midwest to get together in an area that is currently (thankfully) untouched by the virus. People who have been exposed and are symptom free could come out and spread the virus to others, and they in turn would take it home with them and spread it their neighbors, and so on, and so on. I've been going to your resorts since I was 3 years old. They hold a special place in my heart. But your actions during this time of crisis are deeply upsetting.

I'm not in anyway trying be a jerk, but for real, read the article, your establishment IS included!!!! You should close your doors as well, they might be outside, but you are not helping the problem. As much as you and some folks think so... if I am wrong, some one correct me... I want my kids to have fun too, but christ, let's be smart here... no? www.fox2detroit.com/news/details-of-whitmers-bar-restaurant-closure-order-released-gyms-theaters-...

I am very sadden that you feel the need to continue to be open. You are not following the recommendations of the federal guidelines.

Very ignorant. You know that people from all over come up and ski here. Ya let's just spread it more and more. This is a global pandemic.. IDC how big the hill is. Someone sneezes who has the virus on the lift and you touch it then your sick.. powder horn closed. Close the doors and stay home

Where are you guys on the Bikini race...I just got a wax! 😉

Bring on the snow in the forecast!!

This is stupid. Please close and follow the recommendations that are coming out for avoiding large crowds

So the chalet is closed but the hill is open? Is this correct? 👍🏼

Your employees don't matter?

Thank you!

Indianhead Mountain - Big Snow Resort do we have an update on this? This was two days ago and Powder Horn just closed...

Good to hear!

Any music? I heard u might have some...

Disgusting that you are still open!!!!

Andy Schulz

Griffin Magee

Chrystin Lyne Gardner

Greta Hagen

Mary Rigoni


Dustin Erin E Dave David Wisniewski

Brian Fons Peter Stemper

Don’t be stupid. You have people coming from all over... *** This is the best post I have read in a while*** Feeling confused as to why Coronavirus is a bigger deal than Seasonal flu? Here it is in a nutshell. I hope this helps. Feel free to share this to others who don’t understand... It has to do with RNA sequencing.... I.e. genetics. Seasonal flu is an “all human virus”. The DNA/RNA chains that make up the virus are recognized by the human immune system. This means that your body has some immunity to it before it comes around each year... you get immunity two ways...through exposure to a virus, or by getting a flu shot. Novel viruses, come from animals.... the WHO tracks novel viruses in animals, (sometimes for years watching for mutations). Usually these viruses only transfer from animal to animal (pigs in the case of H1N1) (birds in the case of the Spanish flu). But once, one of these animal viruses mutates, and starts to transfer from animals to humans... then it’s a problem, Why? Because we have no natural or acquired immunity.. the RNA sequencing of the genes inside the virus isn’t human, and the human immune system doesn’t recognize it so, we can’t fight it off. Now.... sometimes, the mutation only allows transfer from animal to human, for years it’s only transmission is from an infected animal to a human before it finally mutates so that it can now transfer human to human... once that happens..we have a new contagion phase. And depending on the fashion of this new mutation, thats what decides how contagious, or how deadly it’s gonna be.. H1N1 was deadly....but it did not mutate in a way that was as deadly as the Spanish flu. It’s RNA was slower to mutate and it attacked its host differently, too. Fast forward. Now, here comes this Coronavirus... it existed in animals only, for nobody knows how long...but one day, at an animal market, in Wuhan China, in December 2019, it mutated and made the jump from animal to people. At first, only animals could give it to a person... But here is the scary part.... in just TWO WEEKS it mutated again and gained the ability to jump from human to human. Scientists call this quick ability, “slippery” This Coronavirus, not being in any form a “human” virus (whereas we would all have some natural or acquired immunity). Took off like a rocket. And this was because, Humans have no known immunity...doctors have no known medicines for it. And it just so happens that this particular mutated animal virus, changed itself in such a way the way that it causes great damage to human lungs.. That’s why Coronavirus is different from seasonal flu, or H1N1 or any other type of influenza.... this one is slippery AF. And it’s a lung eater...And, it’s already mutated AGAIN, so that we now have two strains to deal with, strain s, and strain L....which makes it twice as hard to develop a vaccine. We really have no tools in our shed, with this. History has shown that fast and immediate closings of public places has helped in the past pandemics. Philadelphia and Baltimore were reluctant to close events in 1918 and they were the hardest hit in the US during the Spanish Flu. Factoid: Henry VIII stayed in his room and allowed no one near him, till the Black Plague passed...(honestly...I understand him so much better now). Just like us, he had no tools in his shed, except social isolation... And let me end by saying....right now it’s hitting older folks harder... but this genome is so slippery...if it mutates again (and it will). Who is to say, what it will do next. Be smart folks... acting like you’re unafraid is so not sexy right now. #flattenthecurve. Stay home folks... and share this to those that just are not catching on. 🤓

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