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Mt. Bohemia Snow Report – 01/24

Last updated Friday jan 24

We got 3 inches of snow last night

Bohemia is 100 percent open

extreme backcountry is now open


Last 24 Hours: 3
Year to Date: 205 ( we use keweenaw county measurement which is close to Bohemia )

Over 620 acres of terrain open with over 105runs .

Bohemia Bluffs- 100% Open
Badlands- 100% Open
Tommy Knockers- 100% Open
Bear Den- 100 % open
Outer Limits- 100% Open
Middle Earth- 100% Open
Outback- 100% Open
Haunted Valley- 100% Open
Graveyard- 100% Open
Extreme Backcountry- open !!!
Little Boho- Open



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Saturday February 22nd, 2020 - 7:36 pm

Mount Bohemia

We'd like to thank Bohemia Lift Operations for working long into the night to get the front side chair back up and running for today! Bluebird Day! ... See MoreSee Less

Wed like to thank Bohemia Lift Operations for working long into the night to get the front side chair back up and running for today! Bluebird Day!

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Hope you received dbl the thank you's, than you caught grief over. Good job Big Mac.

I don’t even see a line at the bottom😋 It’s a crazy beautiful shot of the landscape. I miss you mountain..

Working that Hollywood run!!

Thanks for all the hard work!

‘Twas a nice day, eh!

Hope to be back later this spring.

All those whiners who were complaining about the pool and lifts are just whiners lol. You should be thankful for what you have.

Fantastic 😎

Guess people were so excited, women couldnt even keep their shirts on.


Mmmmm love me some Bohemia

Teamwork makes the dream work

Dam! Line those lift operators with a shot ski!

Rob Tibbitts

James Perillo


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Saturday February 22nd, 2020 - 3:36 pm

Mount Bohemia

Thanks to long hours and working all night Friday , the front side chairlift is up and running . Both lifts running all weekend . ... See MoreSee Less

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Awesome! Thanks for all the hard work to get it running again. 👍🏻

LIES!!!!!! Chairlift broke down allllll day today!!!

Great job team ⛷ 🍻👍

Amazing job!

Instead of putting pools in, in the off-season maybe it’s time to update those old Riblet lifts...

How about another lift?!

Josh Fournier

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Sunday February 16th, 2020 - 8:49 am

Mount Bohemia

Mount Bohemia will be running the double chairlift and four buses today ( Sunday ) and the double chairlift and two buses during the week . All terrain is accessible from the double chairlift with the buses . The triple chair has to have a coupling replaced and once that is done it will be up and running . ... See MoreSee Less

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Is there an estimated date for the lift to be up and running? I was planning on heading up next weekend but I could go to bozeman instead.. I picked bohemia over Montana but if the lift is down on a Saturday I might cry 😢

For all the "down lift" complainers, just stay away. You unfortunately, do not know how good you have it. Mount Bohemia is a midwest gem. The most unique ski resort in the Midwest. Move along and find a different resort, save the snow for those of us that appreciate the value that Boho offers. Thanks Lonie for the dream, vision and keeping us informed. You and your staff do a great job!

Put a t bar or role in to get out the the back of hunted valley. That is the best snow on the mountain powder for days and it’s nice and flat to tow out. tow ropes are underrated!

Hey I Really like the spa and on some days I'd just as well go in the spa for the cycle. You HAVE to follow the procedure described on BOHO website and you will get an awesome thrill and feel great!

To the people bitching about the chairlifts it could be worse. Boyne just had a chairlift malfunction that could have easily killed several people. Lonie Glieberman I’ll always come to bohemia even if I have to hike the damn hill.

Lonnie: quit upgrading the sausages and pancakes, and hot tub and put the investment into the reason we all come to Bohemia. Fix/update the lifts!

Lonie Glieberman you ever consider putting in a 3rd lift to the west of the triple? Between widowmaker and prospector perhaps. I think a double lift there would be beneficial. Especially being right near the cabins and yurts. Just a thought.

I lived in Bozeman for 12 years and hit Bridger Bowl 50+ days. Our/your Mt Mancelona is like a mini Bridger design with a little Hickory Hills design. Come crush and I'll give ya snow cat shuttle to epic lines.

Back in the days before chairlifts on Bohemia, we would bribe local snowmobilers with beer to have them tow us up the main (and only) run. The ride up was often more fun than the ride down. It's a solid "plan-B" for when the lifts stop spinning, just saying...

While we all want new, fancy chairlifts - Mt. Bohemia has done an amazing job proving a nearly impossible business model and appears to be one of the only Midwest Ski Areas growing and remaining sustainable. Cheers to Lonnie and Vern for having a vision that very few others would have stood behind. The chair will be fixed and Boho's carefree lifestyle will soon return. Keep trucking!

Whoever said some about a high-speed quad you’d be in the bar by 1230 you can’t ride top to bottom all day you’re lucky there’s a seven minute and 23 second break in between your runs

I’ve had it with all the negativity Lonie you’ve done an amazing job thanks for giving us this gem in the rough you’ve created amazing mountain and if anyone doesn’t believe that look at the Atendence we got people driving from New York to come here Mount Bohemia rips and if you don’t think it does start learning the mountain a little better

So how’s that million dollar Nordic spa no one needed going to help get people to the top now?? Put the money where it’s needed and the reason we’re all there - Into the actual skiing!!! And I don’t want to hear any garbage statistics about down time on that lift - if it’s down at all it’s down too much. It was an old use chair when you got it and it’s never been “upgraded” (legit lol’d at that one). The only “upgrades” it has seen has been to repair the crap that breaks. When it first ran it was actually run as a triple fully loaded every chair. Now it acts as a double, so I’d call that a substantial downgrade. An upgrade would actually be a full replacement which is what is so obviously necessary to anyone with common sense.

Lonie Glieberman You've done a fantastic job over the years turning Mount Bohemia into an Epic Ski Destination with the most economical skiing in the US. Love the constant upgrading of terrain and facilities, and the Spa is a really great addition. Every ski area has its ups and downs - even Vail had a ‘lift-line apocalypse’ last weekend. We know you do everything you can to keep Bohemia running smoothly so thank you!

Mt Bohemia you keep doing you. Machines break and need maintenance, its part of the game. I'll be back every year!

How about Lonie just charge us $400 for a season pass and then you can get your little tea bar to take you up the hill or grow some balls and walk it if you have a problem that mountain is amazing there is Granite Peak though or you can go to Tyrone’s basement

Props to everyone that works at Mount Bohemia you guys do an amazing job thanks for making the most awesomeness ski place for the last 19 years for me your much appreciated

Install a ground lift for wind days / no chair lift days.... then when I drive 4.5 hours one way We can still ski!!!

At least there’s a bus When I learned how to ski anything halfway decent we usually walked it I think Lonie should cut off all buses today and do what are used to do if you didn’t rent a place you can’t ride the snow cat go home kick stones all haters go to Marquette Mountain

Rode all day and never waited more than 1 minute for a bus! It was great! Kudos to the bus drivers and management for keeping things moving with just the double spinning today!

Just completed 4 day stay at Mount Bohemia. Brought wife and toddler in tow. Also brought climbing skins...just in case. Didn't need the skins - just had a good time. Nice hill, nice facilities. Thanks.

Lot’s of comments about the triple chair being ran as a true triple. Bear in mind, when it was used that way, there was never and I mean NEVER a need to put 3 people on a chair for more than 2-3 in a row. The place was still new and unheard of to so many. The word is out, best place in the Midwest, and therefore more people than 5 plus years ago. Take the good with the bad, or go somewhere else.

Lonie and his crew do an awesome job 👍 some times things happen. Go ski elsewhere if you need to 😂

More uphill capacity will also ski out the hill faster, and people will just start complaining about that...

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Thursday February 6th, 2020 - 1:02 pm

Mount Bohemia

Bell's Brewery pool party tomorrow! Spin the wheel to win Bell’s prizes including a Bell’s Hockey Jersey!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Bells Brewery pool party tomorrow! Spin the wheel to win Bell’s prizes including a Bell’s Hockey Jersey!!!

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Y’all need some good music up there... www.digniddy.com

Nick Meekhof You better be going tomorrow!

Nathan Alexander Stevaux

Aaron Zeisloft

Kyle Kucin

Bekkah Emily Sara Dallas Tucker Ricky Allison Carolyn Christine

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