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Marquette Mountain Snow Report – 04/04

End of the Season Finale

This is our last weekend of the season.

The Masters Snowmobile Racing Circuit will be hosting their annual end of season snowmobile races this weekend. Saturday will feature Hillcross racing, including a Timber Sled division and on Sunday will be the Hill Climb Event.

Come out and watch these riders test their skill on the hill.

You can also make your last turns on the hill, with slopes open from Snowfield to Ridge.

We’ll be running the triple chair:

Friday- 1pm to Dusk
Saturday- 10am to 5pm
Sunday- 10am to 5pm

Thanks for a Great Season!

Jesie and Crew


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Tuesday June 13th, 2017 - 11:20 am

Marquette Mountain

Due to huge increase in BLP prices we will not be able to run the lifts for the Summer Mountain Biking - We will still be riding and I am working on alternative ways to get riders to the top. Trails will continue to be maintained. Riding on Marquette Mountain Property is limited to those who have passes.

If I can sell 100 Mountain Bike Passes - then we can turn the lifts back on. Please help me turn the lifts back on!
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I agree about selling the number of lift passes you need to justify the lift running. I'll consider buying one even though I live in Duluth. I do not agree with needing a pass to ride the trails though.

Appreciate your efforts to try and make things work. Hopefully you will be back up and running soon! Keep us in the loop.

What are the price of passes?


Scott Jackson Andrew Peterson Nicole Worden Kaitlynn Boettcher

I'll spread the word, and try to sell some passes for ya!

There are two ways of going about selling something. You can charge a premium and get a smaller amount of people to buy it. Or you can charge less and pull in more locals and some out of town folks. I live out of town, plan on coming to visit a couple times, but would never pay that price for a season pass to use it maybe a couple times or risk not using it at all (and I would be purchasing two). If the price were less I would buy one, well two, even though I live out of town and could risk not using it at all. I am fairly active in the bike community down here. People talk about going up there but often decide not to because of the lift schedule and the prices. So The question is; do you want to sell a few to locals, Or do you want to sell a lot to locals and people from out of town? Ideally you find the happy medium and get a fair price for a pass and good lift schedule and it will draw a bigger crowd both locals and non locals. Just my 2¢

How many riders take advantage of this service? As season pass can be cheaper in the long run, is there a premium day pass option?

Time for a generator 😳

In all seriousness you should talk to your local IMBA rep about this issue.

If the lifts run, what days/times will it be open this summer?

Solar or wind

E-bikes one day will be light enough and will make ski lifts obsolete

Is there a refund option?

What's BLP

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Wednesday May 31st, 2017 - 10:38 am

Marquette Mountain

Opening day - who's coming to ride? Lift service - 4 to 8!!! ... See MoreSee Less

Opening day - whos coming to ride? Lift service - 4 to 8!!!

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It was a great night... Even if I am sick! Thank you Jesie!

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