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Bittersweet Ski Area Snow Report – 11/13 – We’ll be open Monday November 13th from 3pm until 9pm

Yes, we’ll be open Monday November 13th from 3pm until 9pm. Lift tickets are $20.

There will be at least 4 features set up on Apple Blossom (rope tow).

Come out and have some fun!!!


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Tuesday September 4th, 2018 - 2:37 pm

Bittersweet Ski Resort

Season passes for 2018-2019 season are now on sale. Our office is open Tuesday through Friday from noon until 5pm. The website is currently being changed so be sure to check it out around the end of this week. ... See MoreSee Less


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Be sure to check their increase in season passes

Maddie Barton

If season passes went up that much, I'm dreading what a day lift ticket is going to be.

Love it here ❤️

What the ^#@/??? Says they went on sale not for sale but way more $ now! Why?

I got it.... flavored snow!!! What else could it be??

Michael Swistak

Sad to say that my husband and I will not get season passes to Bittersweet this year. We love your resort but this price hike without family pricing is out of our range. I hope you reconsider this pricing or have specials during the season. Until then...we will be skiing elsewhere.

Since Bittersweet’s put their season passes Info out I’ve read some of your complaints regarding no family passes. I don’t know why that choice was made but you can’t make improvements to hills, equipment and buildings without sometimes making financial decisions and changes. So for all of you complaining and threatening not to come back, here are some changes happening that YOUR pass purchases have helped fund. Plus if you understood the amount it costs to operate such a facility and tickets and passes haven’t really gone up for a number of years I hope you’d understand the value your getting for your money. I heard one month cost them $60,000.00 for power. Here’s some stats on what it costs to make snow. The sooner they can make it the sooner we can ski. www.quora.com/How-much-does-it-cost-ski-resorts-to-make-artificial-snow They also work very hard to extend the season despite Michigan’s unpredictable weather. When we got into this sport we new it wouldn’t be inexpensive, it comes with the territory. It comes with improvements and it comes with the enjoyment of skiing. Not all resorts are able to nor have they kept up making capitol improvements. The resorts in the North sometimes have it easier since their farther north and colder. Bittersweet does a great job with what they have to work with and what weather they are dealt. If costs are still an issue, help out by joining the ski patrol. It’s involved and a lot of work, but it’s full of people that love the sport and are a bunch of givers. There are other job options also. Ski Patrol has their Outdoor Emergency Care (OEC) courses August-mid November. And hill training once the hill opens. It’s a commitment, but a lot of fun. I’ve enjoyed all I’ve learned every step of the way. It takes a lot to run a resort for “maybe” 4-6 months and hope to be profitable. So quite complaining about what you don’t have and come out and enjoy what you do.

Michael D King it's still a massive increase. They have truly screwed the local loyal skiers. So sad....

Will there be punch passes? Our family cannot afford the 4 individual passes. That's a $350 increase from last year 😞

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Tuesday September 4th, 2018 - 2:31 pm

Bittersweet Ski Resort

2018-2019 Season Pass ... See MoreSee Less

2018-2019 Season Pass


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Do you have any type of military discount on the season passes?

What about family season pass?

Yeah I thought there was a “family pass” or something like that last year?

Why isn’t there a family option? Prices seem really high this year!

Wow, a family of six, with out that family pass option is soooo much more than last year☹️

Was considering doing passes for my family of 5 this year, but this new pricing structure will cost my family $426 more (if paid by the end of this month). Definitely reconsidering at this point, especially with the forecast of a warm, wet winter.

We won’t be buying season passes again this year with the new pricing structure. It’s $406 higher this year to get passes for my family of four over last year’s family rate. This is unfortunate for loyal season pass holders.

What about junior racers? Will there be a discount for them?

Jamie McCreath Krista Anne

I hope people go to timber ridge. I’ve had season passes at Bittersweet for 15 years and the last year there were way too many people. I hate to say it but I hope this thins the crowd.

Super bummed about the loss of family pass. Been getting passes for years...not sure anymore.

Season passes at Cabrefea are $100 per person

I think I’m gonna hit up Cannonsburg this year😢

Yikers. Thats quite a change. Going to take a few trips this winter rather than stick to a “home” resort I guess. Break even point for season pass vs buying at the window each trip just got a lot higher...

Assuming they provide them as in the past I will have Bittersweet club punch cards available in late September. The cards are $16 each for both students (7 to 18 yrs old) and adults. Then it is a reduced rate of $16 each time for a student lift tickets and $20 each time for adult lift tickets. The passes are good from open to close on weekdays, and after 3 PM on weekends and holidays. If interested PM me. Thanks!

That's Mountian prices 😆

Sad to say, but I bet this is the beginning of the end for bittersweet... this is ridiculous... $915 for me to ski with my girlfriend and 8 year old... I will also be skiing else where this season... sorry b sweet, enjoy the rich people for your landfill

Cannonsburg is much less

Wow. 17 years of season passes .. we will not be back 😡🤬

Any upgraded chairlifts with safety bars for that price?

Emaleigh Gladysz

Aaron Hochstetler it would almost be worth it....

Our family has been strictly bittersweet every year because of their longer season and higher quality grooming. My husband has been a season pass holder for 15 years. Not having a family pricing option is going to hurt, and I would hope that bittersweet reconsiders their family pass option.

I thought this was MI pricing, not CO.

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Wednesday March 28th, 2018 - 12:47 pm

Bittersweet Ski Resort

We are closed for the season. Thank you all for visiting this winter...we appreciate your support! And to all our employees, thank you...we couldn't do it without you! ... See MoreSee Less


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James Studeman

Savannah Creech

Any comments on what updates are coming for next season? Lots of rumors.

Maybe a day just for season holders?

Thank you for a great season!

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Friday March 23rd, 2018 - 2:03 pm

Bittersweet Ski Resort

OPEN SATUDAY 9:00am - 6pm. The snow is still amazing and groomers have been hard at work! COME ON OUT TO CELEBRATE OUR LAST DAY OF THE SEASON!! Discounted lift tickets, we'll be grilling and doing some fun events on the patio! We may have also heard something about a fun slush pit!! 😉 COME ON OUT AND HAVE SOME FUN!! ... See MoreSee Less


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Mandy Burnham Perl

Jared Bowman

Brandon Walker Sean Mitchell ?????????

Hmmmm... Heather Bennett Pearce Estrada Tyler Elliott Kyle Day

Will Hawthorne be open?

Last chance Eric Robb

Alex Aguilar Mira we else último día de la temporada

Jordan Door

Kim Nguyen

Anything in the terrain park?


Savannah Creech

Morgen Parmley are you on call tomorrow?

What about Jerry Williams. Lol

James Studeman

What are the special discounted rates? Hoping for a great option for two adults & three young kiddos please?!! 🙂

Matt Secord 😉

What time is the slush pit available all day?

Tracy Hugo Garvelink I fully expect Dad to go home with 2 huge plates of loaded nachos😅

Matt Hunkins

It's on my to do list today

Danny Rohweder you still have time.

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